Saturday, February 23, 2013

Peacock Braided Nails

Without question I love the look of this trend and it is actually a whole lot easier than it looks. My previous post Braided Nails is a step by step picture tutorial if you haven't already mastered this technique. If you are already familiar hope you like the peacock color combo :)
Almost has an Egyptian kind of vibe going on. Completely unplanned and totally sweet!

(China Glaze Grape Pop/ Orly Luxe/ CG Sunday Funday/ CG Exotic Encounters)
In the tutorial I referenced earlier I only used three polishes (which gives you a little different look) here I used four. As you can see by using and even number of colors you get a half and half split design. In this case, one side green and gold and the other blue and purple.
At the top of each nail I added a little colored rhinestone for some sparkle. I don't use a whole lot of bling of this sort but when I do :) I use this little pink rhinestone picker upper thingy that you can find at your local Sally's for a couple dollars. It has a plastic tip and makes placing those tiny stones a breeze.


  1. wow. i like the mixture of the shimmer and creme

  2. This nail art is perfect... I agree with Ashley, I also like the mix of shimmery and creamy polish.

    Rock ur Nails!

  3. I really love this.. Your nail art creation is really awesome!!!