Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rose Layered Stamping *Tutorial

Roses and leaves.

 Thought I'd add a little bit of step by step on how to layer nail stamps into one design.

Step One: Paint all of your nails a solid color. This is China Glaze Life is Rosy from the new spring  Avant Garden collection. Big thumbs up on all twelve colors by the way.
Step Two: Stamp a design over your nails. This is Bundle Monster plate BM-323 and Konad Special Polish in Pink. (Notice I smudged my accent nail a wee bit... Plan on covering that up in the next step but to smooth out the ridge I used the lick your nail method. Kind of gross and probably not too healthy to be licking paint but it really works.)
Step Three: Add a coat of polish over part of your nail. This is China Glaze Westside Warrior.
Step Four: Stamp your second design over the second color. Full nail stamps are perfect for this because they have clean straight lines for borders. This design is Bundle Monster plate BM-19 and Konad Special Polish in Light Green.
Step Five: Sometimes I don't get the stamps perfectly lined up but a little nail tape can go a long way in covering little imperfections and giving a sharp divide.
Finally, add some top coat and brace yourself for... "How did you do that?"


  1. Nice mani never made something like this gonna try soon

  2. I just keep learning new stuff from you. Thanks! ~Ana

  3. You are very welcome and thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave feedback :)