Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rockabilly Cherry Nails

I am in love with Rockabilly style and I wanted to do a manicure that incorporates that 50's flair.
Cherries and Polka Dots... Yes!
Sally Hansen Red Carpet/ China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around
Start off by painting your nails like so ;) This is two coats of Dandy Lyin' Around and two coats of Sally Hansen red Carpet. You can't really tell form the above photo but both the red and white polishes are very shimmery.
Mash-45/ Konad Special Polish Green
I realize that using green to stamp on the cherry design seems and looks a little on the odd side but just trust me here. I wanted red cherries and green stems and it's easy to dot on the red and just keep the detail of the stems.
(Sorry for such a bad pic) After your green cherries are dry you want to use your red polish and a dotting tool to ripen those bad boys up and turn them red. Just cover each cherry with a blob of red and add a little white highlight to the side for some detail. Also this is when I added my polka dots over the French tips. I used two different size dotting tools but if you don't have these you can find things around the house that will do the job. The plastic coated tip of a bobby pin is the right size for the red dots and a toothpick is fine enough to do the highlight.
Again with a horrible blurry picture but I wanted to get in close to give you an idea of where to put the highlight.
Let it all dry and add top coat. Sweet Nails!