Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cracked Ice Nails

Easy winter nail art
Here is an easy to do manicure that takes little time and is hard to mess up :)

Easy nail art tutorials
Left to Right: Seche Vite top coat/ Sally Hansen Snow Blast/ China Glaze Splish Splash
All you need for this design is a clear coat, white crackle polish, a blue translucent or jelly polish and a piece of cosmetic sponge.

 As per usual start with clean dry nails. The crackle polish doesn't work very well over bare nails so for this design you need to use a base coat of clear polish.

Once your clear coat is dry add a layer of crackle but work quickly and try not to go ever the same area too many times. I forgot to get a picture at this step so I borrowed this old pic from one of my earlier posts ;) Not the best quality or lighting but hey we all get better at things over time.

 Once your crackle polish is all done working its magic paint a little of the blue paint directly onto a makeup sponge. Dab it onto the tips of your nails and slowly work it up to about half way. Add another clear coat and all ready to sport your winter nails. ;)

I used this same sponge over crackle technique in my Neon Crackle Nails Tutorial.

Four Leaf Clover

Green nail polish
Four Leaf Clover is a beautiful intense green that I absolutely love. It was part of the China Glaze Up & Away collection which had some of my all time favorite creamy pastel polishes.

This polish is an easy to work with cream and very opaque. I only had to use two coats and it has a pretty shine even without any top coat.

Here I used Konad Special Polish in Green and Cheeky image plate CH52 just to add a little interest.

I used Four Leaf Clover in my Rainbow Melt Nails a while back. It is the perfect basic crayon box green for rainbow designs.
I also think it is the perfect green for watermelon or strawberry nails. It made a small appearance in my Watermelon Remix Nails post.
In my opinion if you don't have any green polish in your collection this is a great one to start playing with.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's A Trap-eze!

This is most definitely an interesting polish.
It's a Trap-eze! is from the China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil
Worlds Away collection. The formula is a little tricky to work with but it's understandable given the amount and variety of glitter packed into this lacquer. The base polish is almost a cross between a gray blue jelly and a cream. I used three coats in the above photo. The glitters vary in size and the colors include pink, green, yellow, silver, blue and even orange. Very unique polish and certainly a fun one.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Icy Blue Snowflake Nails

Baby it's cold outside.
A little something for the upcoming winter months. This is an easy to do manicure with fun accents but the holographic effect of Sci-Fly by (the light blue polish) really steals the show. Here are the polishes...
Left ---> Right: Konad Special Polish in White/ Deviantly Daring/Sci-Fly By/ Seche Vite Top Coat
Side Note: I've decided to add the names of the polishes to my labels list. If you see a polish you like just click on it's name at the bottom of the post and see all the designs featuring it. :)
This is Sci-Fly By... beautiful holo polish. It does take me about three coats to get it the way I like but its so pretty I don't mind at all.
Using a makeup sponge I added a little of the darker metallic blue Deviantly daring. Another color that I am in love with. The bottle alone is so pretty I find myself puling it of the rack to show anyone that comes near my collection.
I used two stamping plates for the snowflakes. There are a ton of winter and Christmas themed plates that have an array of adorable designs and different snowflakes. I found most of my plates on Amazon and eBay.
Add your Top Coat and all done :) Something pretty to kick off the holiday season.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Purple Snake Skin Nails

So this week I wanted to do something subtle and fun using some of my favorite fall polishes. I have done snake skin nails a couple times but so far this is my favorite color combination.

To start this design I painted my nails with a coat of Below Deck. Then using a makeup sponge I added the gradient to the tips with Prey Tell. I planned on stamping over this gradient so I wasn't really going for perfection.

This would be a nice manicure but once again I can never stop at simple and sweet ;)

Now let the Stamping begin! For this design I mixed two polishes with a dotting tool for a less uniform patchy effect. I like to do mix my polish right on the image plate :) If you have a minute, check out my Crocodile Skin Nails for another example of this technique at work.

Step One: Add random dots of two or more polishes to the design plate. The silver polish I used here is Orly Dazzle. It's great for stamping and it doesn't dry as fast as the stamping polishes. The dark polish is Konad Special Polish in Purple. Konad polish will dry very fast so work quickly. Also the bottle looks brown but I promise it is in fact purple once get it on the plate.

Step Two: Use a dotting tool, toothpick, bobby pin, or really anything that comes to a point to zig-zag across the design and mix up your polish.

Step Three: Scrape off all of the excess paint. I use an old Amazon gift card so that my plates don't get scratched up. This particular design is from Bundle Monster plate BM-215.
Step Four: If you have worked quickly enough... pick up your image onto a rubber stamper. Pretty cool effect. The polish goes from dark to light metallic depending on how the light hits it.

Finish it all off with a little clean up and your favorite top coat (mine is of course Seche Vite) and your all set for Fall. I know it's not the best for your skin and nails but I use straight acetone and an old eyeliner brush for cleaning up polish boo boos.

That's it. Purple snake skin nails in no time at all.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Teal Geometric Nails

Teal, black and white... I like! :)
A simple to do manicure that looks way more complicated to achieve than it really is.
Konad Special Polish Black/ White on White/ Flyin' High/Sech Vite/ BM-223
For this design I started off with two coats of my base colors. The Creamy teal color is China Glaze Flyin' High. I love the formula of this polish. It is easy to work with, opaque and glossy when dry.
Bundle Monster Image Plate BM-223
Once my base was dry I added the white diagonal across my index finger and began stamping the design on my thumb and ring finger.
Add your finishing touches and it looks like you spent all afternoon on your nails. Truth be told this design took about 30 minutes base to top coats :)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Purple and Pink Gradient Zebra

You just have to love a gradient manicure!
Purple fades to pink and just for fun throw in a little animal print ;)
White on White/ Bottoms Up/ That's Shore Bright/ Fairy Dust
A great way to make your bright colors pop is to start with a white base coat. This is two coats of China Glaze White On White.
I like to use cosmetic wedge sponges for all my gradients. I usually paint both polishes directly on the sponge and do most of my blending by layering multiple coats.
Make sure to let your polish dry before you move on to the next coat or else some polishes will get tacky and lift off onto the sponge.

This is one of my personal favorite Zebra designs and you can find it on Mash image plate 41.

A little holographic micro glitter (Fairy Dust) and a clear coat (Seche Vite) . Bright, simple and playful.